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The Dunes

Some things should never be taken for granted…

Air conditioning was definitely one of them. She was very pleased to have the A/C back up and running. She took a moment to think of those who were less fortunate and to be really grateful for all that she had. Loony or not, she was very blessed. Today she would sit in the shade […]

When it rains it pours…

But it wasn’t raining. Rain would be nice as it would lower the temperature a bit and make the day more bearable. The guys from the A/C company had come and had bad news involving short circuits and circuit breakers tripping and potential fire hazards and $3500 replacements. Another guy was on the way with […]


The moisture on her body was a reminder that the air conditioner that she’d grown so used to was now most definitely not working and the temperature in the house was getting closer to meeting that of outside the house, a record breaking high 90 something that “felt like” 100 something with the humidity. She […]

Learning a new song

She’d been struggling, there was no doubt of that. But it would get worked out somehow. She just had to keep believing it would. A guitar played in the background, fingers danced over it learning a new song for the first time, yet still producing music she found soothing. It was beautiful to listen to, […]

Management Update

Our Heroine is having another swing…practically to another planet. She is mostly resting and too cranky to say much anyway. It’s probably best that she’s not writing because she’d probably offend everyone anyway. She’ll be back as soon as her meds are straightened out or she gets a good swift kick in the head, whichever […]

Grape Nuts

She had never seen a box of Grape Nuts so big before. It had always come in a tiny box because it was such a HEAVY cereal. (Cereal was stretching it, box of rocks was more like it.) This box was enormous. Instead of the bacon, eggs, and toast or french toast and sausages or […]

The Trip (Pt 4 Tow 4, The Turkey and Stuff)

The next morning they arranged for a tow to her Mother’s preferred repair shop. This was when they met tow truck #4 driven by Sam. Sam was interesting, covered in tattoos including a little star on his forehead that probably meant something awful like he dropped a car on someone’s head and not that he […]

Happy 4th of July

May everyone reading have a happy and safe 4th of July. (Except those of you spamming the sight, we hope you have a lousy day.) -The Mgt

The Trip (Pt 3 The Tow)

Having vented at the ticketing agents about the flight over run by teenagers and still reeling from the “inspection” of her coin purse full of potentially dangerous quarters and her “suspect” pork roll, she and her “very happy to see her” Mother made their way to the garage to make the drive from the airport […]

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