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The Dog (pt 11)

Doone sat in the sun shining in from the skylight. He knew his mistress was not feeling well and wished he could do something to help. He rolled onto his back and let the sun shine down on his tummy wishing she was there to pet him. But she was up in bed waiting for […]

Tile on the walls

The sky was the most brilliant blue and the clouds were a puffy white. They were moving rather quickly, as could be seen through the skylight, passing above the branches of the trees and the bright green leaves like something in a time lapse photography movie in school. She wondered if it would be difficult to […]


Her blue fuzzy slippers had a pebble in them and she sat upon the bench to slip one off and remove the offending stone. She rubbed her foot and replaced the slipper looking around as though she felt she’d been watched. She rubbed her slipper against her shin and sort of tucked them beneath herself […]

Standing at the gates…

She found herself standing at the gates once more. The tall iron was cool to the touch. There was a breeze in the air and the smell of freshly cut lawn. The flowers were, as always, well maintained inside the gate and along the pathways. The benches and the birdbaths lay vacant. The vines climbing […]

Zombies are people too!

Looking in, a giant oak could be seen behind the huge iron gates that kept the sane out. The asylum exterior was brick with ivy climbing its way beyond an old trellis and up into the roof lines.  Painted sills were chipped and bits of brick crumbling. A birds nest was tucked away high in an eve, but the structure was well […]

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