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Posted on | December 16, 2010 | Comments Off

She always thought there was something wonderful about being surprised by snow. Although there had been a few flurries on her way to physical therapy yesterday, she didn’t expect to look out the window today and find the rooftops covered and dark streets blanketed in white. This of course brought her shopping trip to a halt, simply because she didn’t trust the rest of the drivers on the road for the “first snowfall” of the year. They tended to slip and slide and not have very good control over their vehicles and she was really in no mood for a car crash.

She could already declare this year the WORST year for designer handbags. Upon a trip to the mall last night, she found that a walk into the Coach store left her wondering what the heck happened to what used to be such a wonderful company. It looked like the circus had come to town. There wasn’t a single bag in the store made of the wonderful heavy leather Coach was known for and the rest that wasn’t leather was…well…stuff…varying fabrics and shiny stuff and um…yeah. Circus. And she told the salespeople. They of course probably had a few words about her after she left, after all, she was carrying a Michael Kors bag, but her bag was far classier than any of the garbage in this year’s Coach collection.

A trip into Macy’s and a look at Dooney Bourke drew her attention to a turquoise shiny maybe leather, maybe plastic? collection that was so horrendous no wonder it was on sale. What were they thinking? Raincoat perhaps, pocketbook not so much. They had a few good bags but you were limited to black basically. (Her Macy’s was pathetic)

Even her favorite Michael Kors had nothing to offer that was worthy of a second glance which left her to declare this as being the worst season of handbags since the whole metal metal metal year. At least that was over. One does not need a rivet in every square inch.

So, she’d have to rethink her gift giving ideas or head up to a better mall which *might* have more of a selection. (This could also mean more of a selection of horrifying bags!)

This, of course, if she can get through the snow. Luck would be appreciated!


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