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Happy New Year…a little late

Posted on | January 11, 2011 | Comments Off

She realized it had been much too long since she’d written anything. It’s amazing how you can lose yourself sometimes. Focus had always been a unique challenge for her anyway. Then there are the excuses…I want to but…she had used them all.

Happy New Year. Another year of potential ups and downs and all that goes with it. Hooray. The SMTWTHFS pill box was so full she’d have to come up with a new plan if the doctor added anything else to try and keep her “balanced.” What a word. It would be easier to walk a tight rope across two high rise buildings than keep her “balanced.” At least it was an interesting ride.

So tonight she was waiting for snow. Apparently a fair amount of it that the whole area was in a panic and milk was in short supply. Heaven forbid. Lucky for her a couple days spent at home “snowed in” was not a problem (chuckle) and physical therapy for her shoulder would be rescheduled. Just let the power stay on. If that went out things might get a little tense. *No internet GASP*

She really should have gone to the library to stock up on reading material, though she probably had plenty on hand to read or re-read. There are only so many hours of HGTV one can watch. Actually a huge fan of the TV station, she was now confident she could renovate her entire home HERSELF. It was probably a better statement to say she should stop watching HGTV for the safety of her home.

Keep warm…


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