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Frantic frenzy, running out of time

So she knew she had less than a week to get the house in order, yet she still found herself moving at a snail’s pace. She knew some of this problem was mental, and some of it physical. She of course would milk the physical part for all it was worth. Her physician made some […]

Bitter perhaps…

She might as well have been sucking on lemons all week, her attitude was bitter bitter bitter and that was an understatement. She found herself resenting just about anything worth resenting, jealous of anything being jealous over, anxious over everything, and an all encompassing anger, although not violent at this point, was enveloping her like […]


Fathers Day. She wished a very happy one to her friends who were Fathers. She also believed the psychobabble that stated a daughter’s early relationship with her father had a direct impact on her future relationships with the men in her life. No wonder she was so messed up. Thanks so very much Dad. This […]


She was exhausted from the meltdown she’d had earlier in the day, the one that had her in tears repeating the words “I can’t do this anymore” over and over.  Definitely not an example of positive self talk by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, she couldn’t remember the last time she had spoken […]

Happiness found…

She had sat outside and just watched and listened. The tiny lights of the fireflies brought a smile to her face and sweet memories of her childhood to mind. The birds singing filled the air with a kind of tranquility she hadn’t felt in a long, long time.  It was warm and peaceful and although […]

How many times?

How many times can one start over?

Once upon a time…

She wondered what happened to the girl who she used to be. She realized last night that girl was truly gone. A new version of herself was now forming, and she wasn’t sure what she thought of her. She didn’t necessarily like who she was before, but she wasn’t sure of what she was becoming. […]

When someone dies

She had gotten an email late last night that someone she’d worked with had passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer. This was the second loss of someone she knew to this horrible disease this year. She was surprised and saddened to hear of this loss, she had no idea her one time friend […]

Pro Cras Tin Na A Tion Is Making Me Late….

She amazed herself at her ability to find things to do other than what she should be doing. She did get her car battery replaced. (Finally!) And her windshield wipers replaced.  And she was anxious for the new spacebar to arrive so she could replace that and ditch the USB keyboard she was using. She […]

Cleaning the wrong thing leads to tragedy of sorts

She was in tears…She had accidentally pried up the space bar on her laptop to clean something that had gotten caught beneath it and in the process she snapped it off completely breaking the little tabs that hold it on and now it would have to be replaced. She’d tried in vain to put it […]

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