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Memorial Day

In Memory of all of those of who have given their lives for our country… We remember and we honor you today.

The Dog (pt 16)

Doone was out back tending to the BBQ and she thought it smelled marvelous. She’d been stressed out all week and this was a wonderful way to end the three day weekend. She stepped out onto the porch and watched the birds and the squirrels play. It was a woodland creature’s little paradise back here […]

A darkened hallway

She sat staring at the darkened hallway wishing it lead to somewhere exciting. She wondered how many other people were staring at this very moment at darkened hallways of their own, dreaming of another life. Perhaps they were dreaming of a life they had once known, or maybe they too were dreaming of a life […]

Evening Out Without

She returned home from a dinner party exhausted and a bit sad that she could no longer “partake” the same way as the old days. Her joyous medications did not mix with alcohol so she had given it up completely. Probably best as alcohol didn’t mix well with her, period. She found herself watching as […]

RIP Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper

She wasn’t sure how to describe exactly how she felt over the loss of two actors over the last couple days. Obviously she didn’t know these men personally, but they both had come into her home via TV and movies and she couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss, but also a reminder of […]


She sat frustrated as she had many nights, wanting to write, but having trouble putting the words together. She almost felt as if there was some expectation of her that she wasn’t going to meet, so why bother trying. That wasn’t the case of course. This was her world. No one else mattered. Her insanity […]

Delivered (pt 2)

She was furious. She was now up to three (yes “3″) missing packages. Where do these things go when they say they are delivered but they aren’t? Was someone using her soap, wearing her necklace and reading her books? Was it the mail carrier or some lucky resident of her town who happened to have […]

Management Update

Our heroine has been feeling a bit under the weather.  Or perhaps it’s the weather that’s keeping our heroine feeling this way. Whatever the case, she’s in a mood, or not in the mood (or whatever her deal actually is) and will hopefully be in full working order soon. Thank you, -The Mgt.


The package was listed as “delivered” and that’s what the post office was sticking by. This of course means that the postal worker scanned the item as being delivered. This does not mean that the item was actually delivered or that it remained in whatever place it was delivered to uponst delivery. She wondered where […]

Yellow Flowers

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