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Management Update

Our heroine has been overcome by the introduction of “Doone” into her life (the telepathic talking Dog) and is feeling a bit overwhelmed. She is resting comfortably at this time. We’ll keep you informed of her progress. -The Mgt.

The Dog (pt 2)

“So you mean to tell me you can read my mind and you can communicate with me telepathically?” she said. “Yes, I can” the rottie continued with great delight at the baffled look on his new Mistress’s face. “We are going to have to set up some ground rules, I can’t have you going through my head all […]

The Dog (pt 1)

The doorbell rang as if it were any other day a doorbell may ring, only this wasn’t any other day. She opened the door to see a rather large rottweiler sitting obediently with what almost appeared to be a smile on his face. There was a message on a piece of paper rolled up and tucked […]

Alone in her head

Though she never heard voices in her head, except for that of her own sarcastic self narration, she found herself feeling rather lonely now that she was provided with a new found clarity of mind.  She wondered if this is what normal people felt like. She wondered if there were such things as “normal people” and smiled. (Wrinkles […]

Happy Meals Illegal in California County

Happy Meals will be a whole lot less happy for some and are now banned in Santa Clara County.  The ban, effective in 90 days, will be enforced by the Health Department. Fast food restaurants will no longer be able to entice small children or weird adults like myself into buying Happy Meals based on the toy. This […]

A battle with toenail polish

There really was something to be said for the pedicure given to you in a salon in one of those big vibrating massage chairs by some guy or gal who would let you soak your troubles away and give you a massage all the way up your calves all for approximately $24 depending on where […]

Management Update: Hello!

If this was a completely ridiculous alternate reality, this monkey here would also talk to our heroine. At the very least he would say “hello!” But this is a wooden monkey, and some things are “normal” in our heroine’s life, and this is one of them. Her vintage wooden monkey would not be speaking to her […]

Worm Guy and his new gift

She’d had a long day accomplishing a whole lot of nothing when she heard the news that Worm Guy (yes, a Bug) had gone to visit the Art Teacher.  The Art Teacher said he’d been behaving himself and she even had time to crochet him a poncho.  (She wondered how long it would take to crochet […]

Management Update

The Management would like to take this opportunity to state that it is well aware California owes its financial problems to a great many sources other than just the current Governor. (Sorry Arnold!) The pothole situation is, however, an enormous problem and one in which all residents should be concerned as they may be swallowed by […]

California’s Video Game Court Battle

She knew our country was at war. A close friend was in Iraq right now. She knew California was having trouble with it’s money….but that didn’t surprise her given who the Governor was. She understood the need for safety labels and protecting children from violent content. OK, fine. But she did not see how California’s […]

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