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A pill dissolves under the tongue Tastes like poison Fears of what the night will bring Sleep, deep and unknowing A brain chemically rewired Waking, feeling submerged Mellow, as if I could fall off the bed and melt into the fibers of the carpet never to be seen again.

Flirting with disaster

Flirting with disaster She looked, but couldn’t touch She wanted to, a desire was there She wanted to fall in deep, and satisfying She looked, but she couldn’t touch He asked if she did, and she said “she was good” She fell quickly to sleep and dreams took over She was flying a helicopter but […]

Fear of the night

It is supposed to take the racing thoughts away… To bring clarity to a cluttered mind…to bring hope. Quickly, it melts beneath my tongue, bitter, numbing, I shiver and gag. I begin to lose control of my body, but not my mind. I feel drugged, I am heavy as if huge weights have been placed upon me. I […]


She wished for a transformation to ease her pain of “being”… Another form, so the hole she felt could heal and be forgotten. The waves would be smooth, the ride building in intensity until its peak. A fall off a cliff, the splash of a rebirth, she hangs her head and tries to breathe.

“Still me”

I stumble, yet I have travelled this road. You call out to me. I recognize the words, but not the face. I feel pain, but there is no wound in view. I try to speak, but bubbles just flow from my mouth. I’m falling now, a different place, yet the same. Around and around the […]

A work in progress…

I can but only choke on what is left of that thing one calls a heart. I am incapable of true forgiveness of myself, yet somehow, I forgive you the pieces it has become. Questions answered by not answering, silence hangs in the air as I gasp for a breath I cannot fully take. A […]

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