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“The Beach Boys Sounds of Summer”

I’ve got to tell you, this is the best compilation of Beach Boys music I’ve seen for the money in a long while. The Very Best Of The Beach Boys: Sounds Of Summer gives you 30 of their very best for a whopping $7.99 for an .mp3 download from Amazon. I’m listening to it now and […]

“Classic Queen”

She needed something with lyrics to keep her mind occupied today and so she chose Classic Queen, a wonderful collection of Queen’s best. How could you not have a joyous time singing along with “Bohemian Rhapsody?”  And in her case, “I’m going Slightly Mad” wasn’t too far from the truth.  She loved the movie Highlander so […]

Music to clean by…

In honor of Doone, she cranked up the volume…loud…to the Baha Men singing Who Let The Dogs Out in which she saw her poor puppy take his paws and actually try and cover his ears.  Hahahahaha!

Med-Evac My Brain Outta Here

She felt wrong today…perhaps that had something to do with the little stunt of not taking her “scary pill” until 3am.  Hey, better late than never she thought. She was in an uneasy place, a place with gray skies and shallow, rapid breathing. Her mind wasn’t the clutter-fest it would have been had she skipped her […]

The 8 Track in a cool Datsun

She remembered the car like it was yesterday…a Datsun B210 hatchback…brown…with a stripe…and an after market 8 track player installed by her mom’s friend in a rather odd place since it didn’t seem to fit where it was supposed to go.  The music, well the best music playing was America’s Greatest Hits – History with so […]

A Worm In Ruffles

She was just settling down after that dreadful trip to the mall when she heard what sounded like a pebble thrown at the window. She glanced over to see her friend the worm guy (yes, a bug) and he was wearing, his usual cowboy hat and a green plaid shirt with ruffles. “Nice dress you […]

Butterflies made of iron…

Nothing can compare to the song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, on the album by the same name, by Iron Butterfly. If you think waking up to extremely loud gardening equipment was bad, try waking to this at extremely high decibels in the morning by your father who thought it was a fun way to get the house going on a […]

MacArthur Park

Another trip down musical memory lane had our heroine’s ipod playing MacArthur Park sung by Richard Harris. The song was first recorded by Richard Harris in 1968. He made it to #2 in US charts which is pretty amazing considering the length of the song and the fact it was about leaving a cake out in […]

30,000 Pounds of Bananas

One of her all time favorite records is actually a two record set entitled Greatest Stories Live by the late Harry Chapin. She never felt his studio recordings captured the magnificence that was caught in the on stage live recordings. One of her favorite songs is, of course, 30,000 Pounds of Bananas because… how could it not be a […]


So she suddenly found herself strolling once again down memory lane…hit smack in the face with a Whammy! B52′s style. Butterbean was her favorite song and she remembered clearly being in her girlfriend’s kitchen deciding they would make stir fry while singing and dancing to this record, yes, RECORD. (Album, LP, vinyl…spin…wheeeeeee!)  She remembered throwing all kinds of […]

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