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So you might be wondering what this place is all about. Sometimes I ask myself that same question! What you will find here is an eclectic mix of weirdness. I like to throw in a little bit of everything and will continue to add things as the mood carries me (and if you’ve read any, you know I’m moody!) or requests are made. (Feel free to make those requests or just say hello using the contact button on the upper right hand corner of the screen!)

So far I’ve filled the pages with my “ramblings” which consist of many things. I like to write as therapy for my own weird mind so some of it is therapeutic babbling of my own inner turmoil. Some of it is fictional. I do not have any talking animals in my real life, though I would love to, so if you know any other than the obvious parrot or whatever, please hook me up!

Another thing you might see is the occasional book review. I’m terrible at book reviews because I hate book reviews that give too much away, but I do them because I think the books are good reads. I always give a link to Amazon so you can read other book reviews or the Amazon book description. That’s up to you. You can also purchase books from Amazon which gives a tiny portion back to the website to pay for server costs, but I am a big believer in using the public library. I love books and both buy and borrow.

I will also post links to music that I’m listening to. I come from the geek days of IRC and other chats where music was freely shared and by playing something it would trigger another participants own copy of the song to play during the conversation. I really liked that participation and so I give you these links if you’d like to be a part of my world and listen to what I’m listening to. Plus I’d like to think I listen to some pretty darn good music ranging from musical scores to rock and roll and everything in between.

I’ve tried to make some categories so you can follow along with certain story arcs and catch up if you don’t have the time to be a daily reader. I’m creating little short stories within my weird world and the feedback has been pretty positive so far. I try and keep it fun and will gladly take any constructive criticism anyone would like to offer. (Again, the contact button is in the upper right corner!)

I’ve tried to have a sense of humor during it all and hope that I’ve made some people think as well as laugh. We are so lucky to have the internet and this unique way of sharing ourselves. I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you come back again and often.

Thank you for stopping by,


PS: Please feel free to contact me about link swaps!

Hello out there

Welcome to Company Needs Misery. If you like the site, please bookmark it and come back often. You never know what crazy ramblings you will find when you return. Feel free to use the contact form to introduce yourself or give any input if you aren't into commenting on the entries themselves. Any and all feedback is welcome. Spam is not. Spam of the cyber nature is mean and Spam of the food nature is gross. Thank you for taking the time to look the place over. And please remember, this website in no way replaces therapy from a professional so please consult a physician if you are in crisis. Thanks. ~C
P.S. In order to enjoy the full progression of the writing, you may wish to start at the beginning of my ramblings.

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