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The Dog (pt 17)

She had a lot to think about after the events of yesterday. The burgers were good. The company was startling. She realized she’d obviously been in denial. She had seen what she wanted to see. Seriously, did she really think it was a dog who had done her ironing for her and fixed her breakfast? […]

The Dog (pt 16)

Doone was out back tending to the BBQ and she thought it smelled marvelous. She’d been stressed out all week and this was a wonderful way to end the three day weekend. She stepped out onto the porch and watched the birds and the squirrels play. It was a woodland creature’s little paradise back here […]

The Dog (pt 15)

Doone lay on the livingroom floor with his head between his paws. It was a cloudy, miserable day so no real sun was shining in through the skylight for him to bask in. All he could do was sit and worry about his Mistress and what was bothering her so much that she could barely […]

The Dog (pt 14)

Doone was worried about his Mistress as she was truly coming unglued by this wedding she had to attend. She wasn’t really fond of social gatherings, especially having spent the last several months cooped up in her room staring out the window feeling sorry for herself. Anxiety alert was on high and Doone was trying […]

Management Update

Be advised: Our heroine is currently coming unglued preparing for the rehearsal dinner which, in fact, is rehearsing nothing (!)¬†except maybe the “party” aspect of the wedding she will be attending tomorrow. She is unable to write at this time. Doone is, however, taking care of the ironing and other assorted tasks making things much […]

The Dog (pt 13)

She woke up early, frustrated she couldn’t stay lost in dreamland for a little while longer. The smell of breakfast wafted up from downstairs and her curiosity got the best of her and she put on her robe and fuzzy blue slippers and went down to explore. On the table was a breakfast fit for […]

The Dog (pt 12)

She spent most of the day doing nothing productive…staring out the window…reading a magazine…browsing online but not buying anything. Her head and neck were hurting and her heart was aching but there wasn’t much she could do about either having taken something for pain and finding it didn’t work anyway. The gloomy weather took its […]

The Dog (pt 11)

Doone sat in the sun shining in from the skylight. He knew his mistress was not feeling well and wished he could do something to help. He rolled onto his back and let the sun shine down on his tummy wishing she was there to pet him. But she was up in bed waiting for […]

The Dog (pt 10)

Doone knew that yesterday was a bad time for her. She had seen to it that his basic needs were met, and so he made no outward complaints. He left her to do what she had to do. He did, however, feel awfully sad to see her with such inner turmoil. Though he didn’t know […]

The Dog (pt 9)

She’d rushed out of the house so early this morning she’d forgotten all about Doone. He was waiting excitedly by the door, probably not so much to see her as to go out to do his business. He did, however, give her a quizzical look at her attire. She didn’t usually go out in her […]

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