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Management update

Our heroine is absolutely bonkers as of late. She is caught up in a whirlwind of everything and nothing all mixed into one making for…for…well, a whole lot of confusion in her head. In order to keep focused (cough), she is spending a large amount of time playing her video game. She claims it is […]

On the edge…

She still felt as if she were on the edge, but not quite there. She had so much pent up inside her. She thought about the words that were texted to her a few days ago… “I’ve snapped”… and she knew exactly how he felt. Although perhaps she hadn’t quite snapped, perhaps she was just […]

Blocks and Stuff…

Blocks and rocks and white fluff and stuff…Her head was filled with fleeting thoughts of things she wished she could form into magical paragraphs for the page but alas, she could not. Something was holding her back. She wasn’t ready yet. She felt restrained. She was angry, and she was holding onto that. She was […]

Playing Medic…

So if she couldn’t do the real thing thanks to her injury, she could play one in a video game online. She wasn’t half bad. At least she kept telling herself that. Team Fortress 2 had definitely caught her attention as of late. It was the only thing to keep her mind off of the […]

Hello out there

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