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The Dog (pt 14)

Doone was worried about his Mistress as she was truly coming unglued by this wedding she had to attend. She wasn’t really fond of social gatherings, especially having spent the last several months cooped up in her room staring out the window feeling sorry for herself. Anxiety alert was on high and Doone was trying […]

Management Update: Hello!

If this was a completely ridiculous alternate reality, this monkey here would also talk to our heroine. At the very least he would say “hello!” But this is a wooden monkey, and some things are “normal” in our heroine’s life, and this is one of them. Her vintage wooden monkey would not be speaking to her […]

Worm Guy and his new gift

She’d had a long day accomplishing a whole lot of nothing when she heard the news that Worm Guy (yes, a Bug) had gone to visit the Art Teacher.  The Art Teacher said he’d been behaving himself and she even had time to crochet him a poncho.  (She wondered how long it would take to crochet […]

Aliens, Worm Guy and Stuff

She lay quietly in bed while Worm Guy rested on the shelf by the window. His rain gear set aside, she saw that he was wrapped up in the washcloth she had given him to dry off with. She didn’t want to know what, if anything, he had been wearing under the rain gear. She […]

Is Worm Guy technically a Bug?

It has been brought to Management attention that Worm Guy may not actually be a “Bug” since he is in the invertebrate category. Ask any child if a worm is a bug and the answer is a resounding “yes” therefore we here at CNM Mgt agree that Worm Guy fits the criteria needed to meet […]

The teacher has the key

It was raining hard, that much was obvious by the sound. The flash of lightening and accompanying rumble of thunder added a touch of drama that all good storms needed. Now all that was needed was a worm in a raincoat. Enter the Worm Guy in a yellow raincoat. The Worm Guy (yes, a bug) stood […]

Regarding The Ruffled Dress:

Management would like to clarify the “ruffled dress” is more tier like and flowing and not to be confused with something prom like or like the worm’s shirt.  This is important as our heroine needs to be portrayed as having some sense of style and class even if she is a bit loony. -The Mgt

A Worm In Ruffles

She was just settling down after that dreadful trip to the mall when she heard what sounded like a pebble thrown at the window. She glanced over to see her friend the worm guy (yes, a bug) and he was wearing, his usual cowboy hat and a green plaid shirt with ruffles. “Nice dress you […]

Worm guy pays another visit

She was already having quite the day.  Confetti flying all around she thought…no, that wasn’t it either. She still searched for the perfect analogy to describe her brain in this state but that wasn’t it.  She got up to open the window and get some air when she was startled once again by the little […]

Gardeners, new life forms, lots of noise

The sound coming from the gardeners was more like an alien invasion than a simple lawn edging. That had to be the most powerful edger known to mankind. And when the mowers came through, it sounded as if medevac helicopters were racing to rescue poor souls trapped in their overturned vehicles on the nearby parkway, […]

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