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Management Update

It has come to our attention that our heroine has been under the weather, over the hill and yonder ho. She wishes to return to her ramblings but until they make any sense everyone will just have to stand by and re read her finer days if she had any. Thank you for your time […]

Happy New Year…a little late

She realized it had been much too long since she’d written anything. It’s amazing how you can lose yourself sometimes. Focus had always been a unique challenge for her anyway. Then there are the excuses…I want to but…she had used them all. Happy New Year. Another year of potential ups and downs and all that […]


She always thought there was something wonderful about being surprised by snow. Although there had been a few flurries on her way to physical therapy yesterday, she didn’t expect to look out the window today and find the rooftops covered and dark streets blanketed in white. This of course brought her shopping trip to a […]


She was supposed to have her arm up in a sling but that was no fun. She was really quite defiant when it came to a lot of things. This got her into trouble, but in this case, the sling hurt her neck and playing her video game and saying hello to the world was […]

Everyone needs a great hat

Everyone really does need a great hat and this one is perfect perfect perfect! It’s actually made by my great friend Dottie at her new shop Crowshade Creations. I love sock monkeys and even have sock monkey ornaments on my Christmas tree so I’m thinking I may need to have one of these hats. (Heaven […]


Before, when she was lonely and sitting in her room just staring out the doorway waiting for something amazing to happen, a talking dog would sometimes come into the story. That was before. Before, when she was lonely and sitting in her room just staring out the window waiting for something amazing to happen, a […]

Something odd…

She looked around…something odd was going on. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Where were they? Who were they? What were they doing here? Were they going to say something? Was their going to be a giant explosion of penis enhancement advertisements or something awful in her near future? Something felt funny. You […]


She was hurting and the weather outside was dreary. One would probably say she was rather dreary too. She’d come to the 200th entry. Should have happened a while ago but this is what happens when one sits around with nothing to say. No celebration really, no bells or whistles, balloons or confetti to throw. […]

The Trees Lie

The beautiful fall leaves are a seduction this time of year. They draw you in, the fiery colours, quite magnificent. But the truth is, the leaves will drop, leaving behind an empty skeleton and little hope until spring when new buds form. If we’re lucky, the cold of winter sometimes brings beauty to the skeletal […]

Brushing off the cobwebs and opening up the window

She had been hiding again. She did that from time to time. She’d had the window shade drawn shut and little contact with the world. It was hard to crawl out from that and here she was over a month later thinking it was about time she said something. She wasn’t sure what she should […]

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