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Brushing off the cobwebs and opening up the window

Posted on | October 24, 2010 | Comments Off

She had been hiding again. She did that from time to time. She’d had the window shade drawn shut and little contact with the world. It was hard to crawl out from that and here she was over a month later thinking it was about time she said something.

She wasn’t sure what she should say. There is always that embarrassment when one forgets to send a thank you or waits too long to reply to an RSVP. She supposed this really wasn’t like that. This was something else entirely.

There had been several times when she’d wanted to write and to travel magically with words, when things came to her beautifully, but not conveniently, such as while driving or just as she was about to fall asleep and couldn’t write them down. Excuses perhaps. Maybe she was just making excuses.

She would have to make a conscious decision to continue in her efforts. The story was inside her and she knew it needed to come out. She had to be patient with herself, but disciplined enough to continue writing daily and follow through with a plan. There wasn’t an easy out to this. It simply had to be done in its own time.

The leaves on the trees outside her window were changing colour. Soon they would fall and all that would remain would be the skeletons of their beauty. . .


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